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If you are looking for a document to download instead of a web page, you can search all our main documents below by keyword and/or date. You can also search by sub-category topic, or simply browse through all the documents listed.

Other Documents

We hold a large number of current and historical council committee meeting documents as well as planning applications and decisions. You can search for these in their own area of the website:


All Documents

application/pdf2013 Lifting Equipment Questionnaire for Accommodation Providers (26KB)Download
 Download a copy of the Lifting Equipment Questionnaire sent out to local accommodation providers in...
application/pdf67 – 69 Seaside Road development (218KB)Download
 Development for 67 – 69 Seaside Road
application/pdfA - Budget Book 2010-11 Contents (14KB)Download
 Budget Book 2010-11 Contents
application/pdfA Guide to Public Nuisance Control (104KB)Download
 Download this introductory guide to Public Nuisance Control in Eastbourne.
application/pdfA. Index of Submission Documents (December 2014) (26KB)Download
application/pdfAccess Guide (1.70MB)Download
 Download this disabled access guide which contains guidance on places, spaces and information on...
application/pdfAccessible toilets Eastbourne (70KB)Download
 Public toilets in Eastbourne including wheelchair accessible toilets
application/pdfAction Plan 2016 (175KB)Download
 Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership action plan for 2016 to 2017.
application/pdfAcupuncture 1985 (40KB)Download
 Byelaw relating to acupuncture
application/pdfAdopted Policies Map - Town Centre Inset Map (February 2013) (2.22MB)Download
 Town Centre Inset Map for the Adopted Policies Map
application/pdfAdopted Policies Map (February 2013) (2.46MB)Download
 The adopted policies map for Eastbourne
application/pdfAdopted Policies Map (February 2013) (2.46MB)Download
 Adopted Policies Map
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