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Pests, Food Hygiene and Pollution

How to request help and report problems with pests, pollution and food hygiene.
  • Apple and Document Food Hygiene Guide for BusinessesGuides, leaflets and videos for caterers and food retailers on food safety and how to protect your business and customers...
  • House Pests Pest Control Problems in the HomeReport a pest control problem in the home for rats, mice, wasps or fleas in Eastbourne
  • Air Quality Air QualityWhere to find out about the air quality in Eastbourne and what's being done to improve it
  • Balloons Pollution Balloons and LanternsWe discourage the mass release of helium filled balloons and Chinese type lanterns from our land and property as we...
  • Noise Report a Noise ProblemReport a noise problem online and download our noise advice packs.
  • Folders Noise Advice PacksDownload our noise advice packs to help deal with noise problems in Eastbourne before reporting them online.
  • Report PollutionReport pollution problems and find out about different forms of pollution and how it is monitored.