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Westlords Recreation Ground

Location (BN20 9AJ) 

Located on Willingdon Road towards the north-east of the Borough.


Originally the land belonged to the Ratton Estate of Lord Willingdon. The name is retained from 'Westlords' the name of a house built in one corner of the site. Later the house and land became the property of the South East Electricity Board who maintained a top quality cricket facility here. The Board eventually sold part of the site for housing development and the field was transferred to the Borough Council to use for public recreation.

In 2011 the ground became nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.

Main Attractions

A pleasant area for informal recreation.


  • Lawn area for informal recreation

  • Football pitch leased to local club

  • Note: there are no toilet facilities


This Recreation Ground does not have a children's playground.
Bus Transport Information

Stagecoach Buses stop on Wish Hill and Willingdon Road.


Train Transport Information
Hampden Park Train Station is approximately 20 minutes walk from Westlords.

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