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Seaside 'Rec' Recreation Ground

Location (BN22 8JU) 

The recreation ground lies within housing estates 1.3km north-east of Eastbourne railway station and approximately 350 metres inland of the seafront on the road called Seaside.


A long established public recreation ground. In 2012 the ground became nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.


The ground is mainly grass and used for informal recreation. In season football pitches are marked out and goal posts provided.

On the north side, adjacent to Whitley Road, is a well equipped playground for toddlers and younger children. Seating is provided within the playground and elsewhere around the site. Public toilets are provided adjacent to the playground.


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Bus Transport Information

Stagecoach Buses stop directly outside Seaside Rec on Seaside.


Train Transport Information
Eastbourne Train Station is approximately 20 minutes walk from Seaside Rec.

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