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Five Acre Field Recreation Ground

Location (BN23 6HD) 

Situated 2.3km north-east of Eastbourne pier and largely sandwiched between Princes Road and Lottbridge Drove.


A longstanding area of recreation. Formerly used for organised football but owing to some irregular settling the pitches were removed for safety reasons in 2010. In 2012 the park became nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.


The field is mainly open grassland for informal recreation. A belt of trees characterises the boundary adjacent to the backs of houses on the east side and several individual trees dot the area near the stream that crosses the site in the west.

The western extremity of the area, separated from the main field by the stream, is an area of inaccessible trees and scrub which is classified as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.


This Recreation Ground does not have a children's playground.
Bus Transport Information

Stagecoach Buses stop on Lottbridge Drove and Princes Road


Train Transport Information
Eastbourne Train Station is approximately 30 minutes walk from Five Acre Field

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