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Elm Grove Field Recreation Ground

Location (BN22 9PQ) 

The field is 250 metres south-west of Hampden Park railway station. Access is from Elm Grove or Rosebery Avenue to the north or Broadwater Way to the south.


The current field is the eastern half of a larger site now partly occupied by a tennis and bowls centre. In the 1970s the field was a municipal landfill site and since reinstatement of the surface has become an informal recreation area.

In 2012 the field became nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field


The field is an irregularly shaped land parcel consisting of amenity grassland and two belts of semi-mature trees sheltering the area from the north and west. The informal grassed areas are used mainly by dog walkers. Cycle paths cross the land and lead to nearby shops, residential areas and further nearby parkland.


This Recreation Ground does not have a children's playground.
Bus Transport Information

Stagecoach Buses stop on Brassey


Train Transport Information
Hampden Park Train Station is approximately five minutes walk from Elm Grove.

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