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Carpet and Seafront Gardens

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The seafront Carpet Gardens

Carpet Gardens

Located by the pier these gardens are the world famous centrepiece of Eastbourne's elegant seafront.  Traditional bedding is used to create stunning floral patterns for spring and summer.  Spring displays use brightly coloured tulips, pansies and wallflowers.  Summer planting includes begonias, petunias, geraniums and other favourites. 

During the summer special beds are also planted in geometric patterns in a 'carpet bedding' technique first established by the Victorians.  One bed at the west end of the main garden usually has a special theme.  This is planted in June and remains until the autumn.

Fuschia flowered currant on the seafront's middle parade

Middle Parade Shrub Beds

Modern innovative shrub beds have replaced the old privet hedges that used to run east and west from the central band stand.  A continuous sequence of plants come into flower, leaf and fruit making this a year-round attraction.  Mixed with the familiar hebes, lavendar, rosemary and mallows are more unusual shrubs from around the world. 

Moroccan broom (Cytisus battandieri), daisy bush (Olearia macrodonta) and fuchsia-flowered currant (Ribes speciosum) are three outstanding shrubs amongst more than one hundred different kinds on show.  The whole border is punctuated by an impressive row of large cabbage palms (Cordyline sp).

Agave leaf on the Wish Tower long border

Wish Tower Long Border

If proof were needed that Eastbourne's climate is exceptionally warm and dry compared to surrounding areas then the borders just inland of the Wish Tower are the place to visit.  At 150 metres long the Long Border is home to many palm and succulent species as well as bright bedding. 

Larger plants include yuccas, ginger, Canary palm, jelly palm, European fan palm and numerous varieties of agave and cabbage palm.  The larger perennial plants require little water and are all low maintenance.

Lobelia in the Metropole Triangle

Metropole Triangle Garden

In the triangular garden just 350 metres east of the pier, the borders demonstrate plants from all around the world.

The garden is planted in separate zones representing North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with New Zealand.

Thrift on the Western Lawns Rockery

Western Lawns Rockery

This is a large rockery situated on the lowest promenade near the Grand Hotel.  From May until the autumn a wide range of colourful plants flower in sequence.  Many are familiar garden plants but most originated in distant countries.  An information board identifies about fifty of the plants present.

Wilmington Square Gardens

Wilmington Square

This elegant square is located in front of the site of the Towner Gallery and the Congress Theatre, with seating provided.  You can admire the lawns and attractive perennial planting  as well as several young palm trees and a central Maritme Pine.

Tropical flowers ar the tank enclosure

Tank Enclosure Garden

The Tank Enclosure has peculiar origins as it sits atop part of Eastbourne's storm water drainage system, one kilometre east of the pier.  The garden was created as the site cannot be built upon, owing to the large water surge tank below ground. 

Until 2003 traditional bedding was regularly used at this site but recently 'tropical' style perennials have been established.  These include many cabbage palms (Cordyline), succulents and flowering plants that give a long season of interest.  The garden is low maintenance and is not artificially watered at any time. 

Access is not permitted but excellent views can be had from all around the perimeter.


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