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Eastbourne Tide Times

The tides are measured in metres on the tables. A reading of 6.24 means the tide is 6.24 metres high, and is therefore the High Tide reading. A reading of 1.24 means the tide is 1.24 metres high, and is therefore the Low Tide reading.

Tides are measured from a level called 'Chart Datum'.

Chart Datum is approximately the level of the lowest astronomical tide (LAT). This is the lowest level that the tide falls to under the influence of the pull of the moon, sun and planets. 

Download Time Tides

You can also buy a pre-printed A6 booklet containing tidal predictions for Eastbourne

Caution: The times and heights presented in the tide tables are predictions only, not to be used for Navigation and may be influenced by variations in meteorological events. Eastbourne Borough Council does not accept any responsibility in law for the information in these tide tables.

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Live Eastbourne Weather

To compare today's tides with the weather, visit our Live Weather Feed.