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Seafront Changing Places

Changing Places

What is a changing places toilet?

Changing places toilet is somewhere private and clean with the correct equipment for disabled adults and children to use when out and about.

How do they differ from a disabled toilet?

Unlike standard disabled toilets, the Changing Places has extra specialist equipment and plenty of space for the user and more than one carer.

What extra equipment is included?

  • A height adjustable changing bed 
  • A tracking hoist system
  • A centrally placed toilet with room either side for carers
  • Screen for privacy
  • Paper roll to cover the bed
  • Yellow waste bin for disposable pads
  • Non slip floor

Access to Seafront Changing Places

The Seafront facility is intended for use by disabled people who require assistance of a carer or need extra facilities.

The Seafront Changing Places is NOT on the RADAR key system.

Although the RADAR key system was a great idea when launched; unfortunately it has now become open to abuse.

There are too many people with a RADAR key who do not need this facility (and the smaller accessible toilets). Misuse of the RADAR key is widespread and in the hands of undesirables because it has become to easily available on ebay and at Argos etc.

The equipment in this facility is very expensive and must be protected for those that need it. Damage to the equipment will result in the facility being out of action for a period of time while repairs or replacements are made.

The Eastbourne Seafront Changing Places can be accessed by asking any member of the Seafront Team (this includes the staff working in the toilet next to the CP).

Alternatively we offer a membership scheme were you will be given your own entry fob free of charge.

Unlike many accessible toilets which are double locked overnight we intend this facility to be available 24/7 for those with a fob.

Ideally we would like to see a new national entry system for CP facilities that is not open to abuse.

To become a member users can apply at the Seafront Office, online (below) or at the Tourist Information Centre.

Evidence of top/mid rate Disabled Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or Diagnosis Letter must be provided for a key fob to be issued. Carers must also provide proof of ID. 

You can download a Membership Application Form and Leaflet:

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