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Beach Barbecues

If you are considering a beach barbecue please download our leaflet relating to Beach Barbecues in Eastbourne, so that you are aware of the rules and regulations.

This will ensure that you can have a pleasant time down at the beach this year without causing a nuisance, and that other beach users can have a pleasurable time too.

Quick Barbecuing Rules and Regulations

  • Only light your barbecue on designated beaches or areas. Do not light a barbecue on the beaches between the Pier and the Wish Tower or on any promenade or grass area

  • Dispose of your litter in the bins provided when you leave

  • Do not play amplified music

  • If you intend to have alcoholic drinks with your barbecue, check the signage to make sure you are not in a “No Drinking” area.

  • Do not have more than 20 Persons at your gathering (more than 20 constitutes an event and requires a permit for the event to take place – which can be issued by Seafront Services). These barbecues can only hold be held on beaches 67 to 69 (in front of Fort Fun car park).

Beaches Where Barbecues are Allowed

  • Beaches 1 to 25 - Holywell to the Wish Tower

  • Beaches 40 to 55 - Pier to the Redoubt

  • Beaches 64 to 69 - Opposite Princes Park entrance from the next beach eastwards of Fisherman's Green to Fort Fun entrance.

  • Beaches 86 to 94 - Langney point from the beach opposite dotto turning circle to end of beaches before harbour wall.

Download the PDF below to view a seafront map with beach numbers. 

Please note that the beaches are all numbered on the actual beach itself.

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