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Bathing Water Quality Results

Site Details

This beach is a designated European bathing site which the Environment Agency sample the water approximately once a week during the bathing season (May to September).


Eastbourne: The Pier to Beachy Head.

Local Authority

Eastbourne Borough Council.

Water Description

Eastbourne bathing water typically achieves a high water quality standard but can be adversely effected by a storm overflow south of the bathing water sampling point which may operate when heavy rainfall overwhelms the sewerage system.

Site Description

Eastbourne beach is a resort beach situated between the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head and Eastbourne Pier. The beach is predominantly shingle, with shallow sandflats exposed at low water. Above the beach there is a promenade, followed by the urban backdrop of Eastbourne.

Sampling Results

The Environment Agency will monitor Intestinal Enterococci and E.coli, and the sampling results will be used to calculate compliance with the current Directive’s standards for total and faecal coliforms.

The samples are taken at Wish Tower Beach, Eastbourne.

Pollution Incidents and Emergencies

If you have reason to believe that bathing water is polluted you can report this to the Environment Agency by calling their incident helpline 0800 80 70 60

Please include the following information:

  • The name and location of the beach

  • The date and time that you saw pollution

  • Your contact details so that we can get back to you

Find out more about bathing water pollution from the Environment Agency.

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