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Guidance for Completing our Job Application Form

We can only accept applications for jobs which are made using one of our application forms when you apply for one of our jobs through the Jobs go public website.  

You may provide a CV to support your application, but we cannot accept a CV on its own. 

Our Fair Employment Policy means that we want to make sure that every applicant is treated fairly. This means that we are not able to consider previous applications or personal knowledge of you. 

The information you provide in your application form is the only information we will use in deciding whether or not you will be shortlisted for the selection process.  Your application form is therefore very important and the following advice is designed to help you complete it as effectively as possible.

Completing your application form

  • Before completing an application form thoroughly read the Job Description and Person Specification included in the Job Pack for the vacancy.  These documents are provided to give you a clear indication of what the job involves and the skills and experience required of suitable candidates.  They will be used by the Council in selecting the shortlist of candidates for interview.

  • Write out the form in draft to avoid mistakes, repetitions, etc.

  • Ensure the information you give us is well organised and relevant.

  • Your application needs to show the relevant skills, qualifications, interests and experience you have gained.

  • Give examples of the work you have been involved in and write in a positive way (e.g. I was responsible for, I organised).  It is not sufficient to just repeat what the person specification states.  Always remember to specify your own responsibilities rather than those of your section or department.  The most important thing is to provide us with as much relevant information as possible - we are unable to guess or make assumptions.

  • You should gear your application to the specific job – don’t submit the same one for a series of jobs unless it is equally appropriate.

  • Don’t forget presentation!  Check grammar, spelling and use black ink. 

  • You may wish to keep a copy of your application form, in case you are invited to interview.

If you have any disabilities and need assistance in completing the form, then please let us know.

Please make sure you return your application form to the email or postal address on the application form no later than the advertised closing date and time.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications received after this deadline.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

The information you provide on the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form will be held in confidence by the Human Resources team and logged onto a confidential recruitment database.  The information is used for recruitment and selection monitoring purposes only.  It is separated from the application form at the time it is received and will not form part of the selection process. 

If you are successful, the information will be transferred to your personal record held on our computerised personnel system.  The information will be kept in strict confidence at all times.