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Problems with Neighbours

We receive many complaints about problems with neighbour noise. Common problems include:

  • loud music, television or radio
  • noisy parties
  • DIY
  • shouting, heavy footsteps or door slamming
  • barking dogs

Before you contact us...

We always suggest you talk to your neighbours first to try to resolve any problems. However if this does not work or is not possible you should consider Mediation Plus and also download our advice packs before contacting us:

Mediation Plus

Mediation Plus is grant funded independent charity which offers a comprehensive range of mediation, dispute and conflict resolution services and accredited mediation training.

Advice Packs

The packs give detailed practical advice about noise nuisance problems and how to resolve them. It explains the circumstances where the council will be able to help you, and what to do before contacting us.

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