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Private Rented Housing

Housing, Health and Safety Rating System

The property you rent must meet the required standard for tenants with regards to health, safety and welfare. To find out more about these standards, please visit the website.

Housing Conditions in the Private Rented Sector

If you rent from the private sector and your home is in poor condition, you should always speak to your landlord first to try to sort out any problems before contacting the council.

Common problems within the home include issues with damp and mould, poor insulation, issues with cold and draughts, or homes that may have unsafe electrics. 

Report a Private Housing Problem

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your landlord or managing agent, then you can report a private housing problem to our Customer First team, as Local Authorities have a statutory duty to act and monitor the condition of private housing stock.

This may lead to an experienced housing officer visiting your home to carry out an inspection and take the necessary action to resolve the problem.

Housing, Health and Safety Rating System Inspections

To find out what to expect from a Housing, Health and Safety Rating System Inspection please read our leaflet below. 

Any action considered may vary from an informal discussion with the landlord or managing agent to legal enforcement action but would always be carried out first in agreement with you.

Heating in Privately Rented Properties

If you rent a property then it should have some kind of fixed heating. This could be gas central heating, electric storage heaters or other electric heaters that are fixed to the wall and spurred in. ‘Spurred in’ means that they are wired directly into the electricity supply and not that they work via using a plug socket.

Condensation and Mould Growth

Some dampness is caused by condensation, which can be avoided or kept to a minimum by simple changes to your daily activities, reducing the risk of mould growth. Condensation is caused when there is excess moisture and cold conditions. For more advice to on how to keep your home free from damp and mould, please read this leaflet, 

Landlord Accreditation

There are voluntary Landlord Accreditation schemes that recognise landlords who manage their properties to a good standard. You can find out more at

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