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Empty or Dilapidated Properties

How to report a problem property

If you are concerned about a vacant or dilapidated property you can contact us online or call us on 01323 410000.

What happens when I report a problem property?

A council officer can take effective action against the owner of an empty or dilapidated property if there is evidence of:

  1. A build up of rubbish or graffiti.

  2. Infestations of vermin.

  3. Neglect and dilapidation that has a negative impact on the neighbourhood.

  4. A risk of danger to the public or injury to children and others entering the building.

  5. Break-ins, squatting, vandalism and any other anti social behaviour.

What is the council doing about long term empty homes?

The council works with owners and others to get empty homes returned to use. If you own an empty or dilapidated property contact us and we may be able to help you with:

  • arranging a Home Trust Loan of up to £10,000 via Parity Trust, to help pay for improvements or repair costs

  • finding a tenant

Empty Property Strategy

We also have an Empty Property Strategy which you can download as a PDF.

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