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If you are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, contact us without delay. We will discuss your situation with you and decide what help we can give. If we are satisfied that you fulfill our criteria we may offer you a tenancy in the private sector or temporary accommodation while we make our decision or while we wait for a permanent home to become available.

Who we can help

  1. You must be habitually resident within the UK.

  2. You must be homeless or threatened with homelessness within 28 days.

  3. You have a priority need.

  4. You must not be intentionally homeless.

  5. You must have a local connection with Eastbourne (or have no local connection with any other council).

You can download further details about the our duties to the homeless below:

Other organisations that can help

If you do not qualify for housing from us we will point you to another organisation that may be able to help.

Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) Eastbourne Advice Centre

BHT Eastbourne Advice Centre gives free and confidential,  independent advice for anyone with a housing problem. BHT Eastbourne Advice also runs a support service for singles and couples without dependents, who are homeless and the council have no duty to assist, called The Housing Access Project.

Citzens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau gives free advice on a wide range of issues including housing. They can also point you to other local organisations that may be able to help you.

Sleeping Rough

If you are sleeping rough or you want to get help for a rough sleeper you can contact Street Link for support and advice.

Contact Us

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