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Council Tax Reminders

It is important to make sure you pay your council tax by the agreed instalment date.

I've already paid, but you've sent a reminder - why?

Your payment might have crossed in the post or because of a delay with your bank. Contact us online or on 01323 410000 so that we can check for you. Please have your council tax reference available.

  • Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay on time. It is our preferred method and is simple and easy to set up

You've sent me a reminder but I cannot afford to pay

You must contact us immediately online or on 01323 410000 if you can't afford to pay your council tax. We may be able to assist you, depending on your circumstances. Also:

  • go to our Problems Paying page for further options, including changing your payment date, setting up a direct debit and using our online benefits self-assessment to see if you are eligible for help

You've sent me a reminder but I shouldn't have to pay

If you think you should be exempt from paying council tax, or should receive a discount or disregard, contact us online or call us on 01323 410000 so that we can check your account.

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