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Council Tax Annual Bill FAQs

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No. Your Direct Debit details will automatically carry over to your new bill and we will collect your new installments on the dates shown on your annual bill.

The easiest way is to complete the Direct Debit instruction enclosed with your bill.

Unless you pay by Direct Debit, where you get the choice of 1st, 7th, 15th & 25th of each month, then payment must be made by the due date on your bill. 

We recommend you use your March income to pay the April instalment in good time for your April due date. This means your payment will not be late for April.

Yes, if you have moved address or need to claim an exemption or discount you can do so by contacting us.

  • My circumstances have changed but the bill shows my old information

The bills were produced based on the information we held as of the 03rd March 2017. 

If you contacted us on or around that date, your bill will still show the original information. A new bill will be issued when we have dealt with your most recent correspondence. 

You may be entitled to Council Tax Support, you can find out more here.

All occupants of working age are required to pay a minimum of 20% towards their Council Tax.

If you are the only person aged over 18 years old resident in a property you may qualify for a 25% reduction on your Council Tax bill. You can apply for the discount by contacting us.

Council Tax helps pay for a wide range of services such as:

  • schools
  • community centres
  • street lighting
  • youth and sports centres
  • libraries  
  • environmental and housing services.  

Your Council Tax also pays towards police, fire, public transport and collection and disposal of waste.

There are no reductions for people who do not use the services.

Local Authorities and major precepting authorities (East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue service) are responsible for setting Council Tax levels in consideration of their budget requirement for the year.

The council decides the total amount of Council Tax needed and legislation dictates how that amount is divided proportionately between individual properties, which are placed in one of eight bands from A to H, depending on their value as at 1st April 1991.

The differences in percentages should be shown on the front of your bill. For more detailed information, please refer to the Council Tax booklet available below:

In order to determine how much you will pay, you will need to know the valuation band of your property. This can be found on the Valuation Office website and the Parish area of Eastbourne your property falls within.

You can pay by;

  • Direct Debit:
  • Pay online: Using a debit or credit card
  • Calling: 0800 288 8097 (Our payment line is available 24 hours a day)
  • Standing order: Using the details below you can set up a standing order using your internet banking:  

Sort code: 30-80-12 

Account number: 10712168

Payment Ref: Quote Council Tax Number  

Central Government has instructed Local Authorities that the information must be shown in this way. The amount showing for Adult Social Care is part of the sum that is paid to East Sussex County Council.

 The new bills were created using the information we held on 3rd March 2017, if you have made a payment since that date it will not show on your annual bill.

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