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Exceptional Hardship Payment Application

If you are struggling with paying your council tax and get a council tax reduction, you may qualify for our exceptional hardship payment scheme. Please note that we cannot award this to everyone and there is no statutory right to a payment from the fund, as it is awarded at the discretion of the Council.

All applicants will have to complete an application form and provide us with any additional information we request as quickly as possible. We will need you to complete an income and expenditure form. We will look at this to work out if there are areas where your income could be increased or your expenditure reduced. If you decide not to take our advice we will not be able to make you an exceptional hardship payment.

Use the online form below to apply for an exceptional hardship payment. 

This application asks for details of your income, including any earnings, benefits or pension payments. It also asks for details of your expenses, such as food, rent, electricity and gas bills. Please make sure you have these with you before you start your application.

You will need to be registered and signed in to submit this request online (why?)

Once you have signed in, you will be returned to this page.