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Cookies are bits of electronic information websites can store on your computer. Cookies can be used to check whether you have visited a website before or if it is your first time, which is useful when measuring traffic to a website. This site may store a single cookie on your machine for this purpose.

The cookie will not collect personal information but instead stores a unique ID number so that next time you visit the site, you will be recognised through this number. No other information will be collected.

EU ePrivacy Directive


The new EU directive now requires us as website owners, by law, to not only inform all visitors that our website uses cookies, but that we must gain their informed consent to continue to do so. Our Cookie Consent Opt-In banner now appears at the top of all pages, and will persist until the user consents by checking the box and clicking a button. This banner also provides a link to  the Cookie usage section of our Privacy Policy that describes your use of cookies on your website.


Having accepted Cookies, you can later change your preferences below. Revoking your consent will have the effect of instantly loading the Opt In banner – and thereby blocking cookies.

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Controlling and Deleting Cookies

We use a number of different cookies on our site. If you do not know what cookies are, or how to control or delete them, then we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.

The following table describes the cookies we use on this site, what we use them for and the impact on your experience of using our site if you choose to opt-out from allowing us to set cookies on your machine.


Cookie Name


What will happen if you disable cookies on this site? 

Does the cookie persist? 

Is the cookie essential? 

Session ASP.NET_SessionId Most visitors simply browse and interact with our site without logging in. The 'Session' cookie works with logged-in visitors' computers to log activity such as completing a form. Activity is recorded on the web server which allows us to log the users journey between pages.

More information:
No loss of function but there will be a very minor delay before each page loads as authentication would be triggered for every page visited whereas the cookie instantly confirms visitors as anonymous  No  Yes
Access Keys AccessKeys Stores shortcut key preferences between visits Personal Access Key shortcuts will not be remembered between visits  Yes No
Cookie Consent AllowEasysiteCookies  Stores the consent status of the current user for cookies, only set if they consent Site will prompt for Cookie Consent upon each visit  Yes No
InterstitialCookie  Stores whether a pop-up interstitial has been viewed/closed so it doesn’t reappear for the current user Interstitials will persist for the current user for those pages that convey them, such as site surveys Yes No
Remember Me RememberMe  Stores authentication token between visits so users don’t have to login on each visit Users who wish to access restricted content or services will need to login upon each visit to the site  Yes No
Mobile Redirect mobileredirect Stores mobile device users’ preference for either the web or mobile site Users will be asked upon each visit whether they would prefer to visit the web or mobile optimised site  Yes  No
Polling EasysiteUserHasVoted Stores whether the current user has already voted in the poll, preventing multiple voting Single users will be able to vote multiple times in online polls  Yes  No 
Tabbed Container ActiveTab Stores the ID of the Active Tab as selected by the user  Held tab states will be lost between visits to the page No  No

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on to track anonymous visitor activity on our website. This helps us to make sure we are giving our customers the best and fastest ways of accessing our services. Google Analytics sets the following cookies on our website:

  • '__utma', '__utmb', '__utmc', '__utmz'


Learn more about Google Analytics or get their Opt Out Browser Add On.