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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) - For Landlords

Apply and pay securely online for this licence (service provided in partnership with GOV.UK, with secure payments through WorldPay)
Apply and pay securely online for this licence (service provided in partnership with GOV.UK, with secure payments through WorldPay)

How to apply for a licence

You can either:

  • Apply and pay securely online
  • Download the form below to return to us with a cheque for the fee

An application will not be considered complete until the form, supporting documentation (listed within the form) and fee have been completed. 

  • pdf
  • HMO Licence Application Form [pdf / 232KB] Download Houses in Multiple Occupation property licence application form, including step by step guidance notes. (Mandatory Licence Application under Part 2 of the Housing Act 2004).

What is an HMO?

An HMO is a property occupied by more than one household. Properties that are occupied by more than 5 people, over 3 or more storeys must be licensed. For a full explanation of the definitions under the Housing Act 2004 please visit the National HMO Network website.

HMO Licensing

Landlords will need an HMO license if a property has: Three or more storeys (this includes cellar, basement, shops and loft conversions); Five or more tenants forming more than one household. It is an offence to fail to license an HMO, and landlords can be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000 for failing to license. 

Licensing also applies to host families that have four or more students in a property that is three or more storeys high (including basement and attic rooms) for 90 or more days in any year. If your property has three or more students for less than 90 days in any year, it may still be categorised as a House in Multiple Occupation although will not require a licence.

HMO Standards

All HMOs must provide a certain level of facilities for use by the tenants. The specific requirements can be found in the Prescribed Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation document. If you live in a HMO and are concerned about the standards, please contact the Private Housing Team.

There are Management Regulations set out the requirements for managing and maintaining an HMO. 

The level of fire precautions required in an HMO is decided by a fire risk assessment based on guidance document 

Housing, Health and Safety Rating System

The property you rent must meet the required standard for tenants with regards to health, safety and welfare. To find out more about these standards, please visit the Gov Uk website.

Register of Licenced HMOs

The council must maintain a public register of all premises licensed as HMOs. A copy of this register is available below: 

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