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Listen to This Website

Get the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar for your browser

Listen to our website by using free software called BrowseAloud. 

You can either get the BrowseAloud Plus version, which loads straight into your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc), or you can download BrowseAloud (PC) to your computer. Follow the simple instructions on the BrowseAloud website to install or download and configure the software.

BrowseAloud allows our web pages to be read out loud and helps:

  • people with visual impairments
  • people with learning or literacy difficulties such as dyslexia
  • those for whom English is not their first language

BrowseAloud Reading Features

If you download the free BrowseAloud software you can easily:

  • select from high quality male or female voices

  • change pronunciations and speed of the voices

  • choose for sentences to be read one at a time, or read continuously

  • read accessible web pages, PDFs and Flash videos
  • get web page translated into many languages, and read out in those languages*
  • save text as an MP3 sound file to listen to later

  • turn the reader on and off

* Translations are through Browsealoud's partner programme with Google Translate. Eastbourne Borough Council cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of the translations.

BrowseAloud Display Features

Sentences are highlighted in colour as they are read out. You can:

  • change the colour of the text and background to suit your visual preferences
  • opt to display a large text ticker-tape at the top of each page which magnifies and highlights individual words as they are read out

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