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Change Text Size

We have designed our website to be as accessible as possible on different browsers, operating systems and devices.

The best way to increase or decrease text size on most websites, including ours is to change your browser or operating system settings.

Tip: If you are able to use a mouse and a desktop keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key and roll your mouse's scroll button up and down to increase and decrease text size.

We recommend the BBC's My Web My Way Accessibility Guides which give simple advice.

As well as explaining how to change your text size, the guides also cover:

  • Changing text and background colours

  • Changing font settings

  • Magnifying your screen

  • Making your mouse pointer easier to see

Text Only

You can opt to browse this website without any images or formatting in Text Only mode. This may affect the display and layout of pages.

  • Select Text Only from the bar at the top of any page

  • To resume full display, select Full Graphics from the top bar instead

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