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Crime Prevention and Community Safety

Modern Crime Prevention

Eastbourne faces new challenges as crime continues to evolve. The Home Office has released the Modern Crime Prevention Strategy to change the way we think about crime prevention. It builds on the successes of the past whilst making the most of new research, techniques and technology. 
To find out more about the latest strategy, download the Modern Crime Prevention pamphlet from the bottom of the page. can help to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime. This is a comprehensive website offering crime prevention advice as well as links to partner and charitable agencies working together to reduce crime and the fear of crime.
You are prompted to think about how to:

  • Protect your home

  • Stay safe on public transport

  • Keep your vehicle and bikes safe

  • Stay safe if you are elderly

  • Keep out bogus callers

  • Stay safe online

  • Stay safe as a student

  • Recognise and hang up on telephone scams

  • Mark your property and belongings

Neighbourhood Watch

Eastbourne has a very active Neighbourhood Watch programme with a high density of schemes per household.

OurWatch is the national Neighbourhood Watch site which provides more information on how you can participate.

Neighbourhood Panels

Eastbourne Neighbourhood Panels are running in most areas of the town and there will be one near to where you live. Attended by a representative from the Neighbourhood Policing team but comprised and chaired by local residents, these are the perfect forum for you to raise crime and safety issues that matter to you. Go to the website for more information. 

Trading Standards

Sussex County Council's Trading Standards is a vital source of information about current scams and threats to be aware of, such as rogue traders, telephone and internet scams.

Eastbourne Homes - Anti-Social Behaviour on Council Estates

If you experience hate crime or harassment please call Eastbourne Homes' Housing and Estates Services Team on 01323 436430.

If the hate crime or harassment is of a violent nature dial 999 for the Police.

If you have been a victim of a hate crime you can also contact Victim Support on 0845 389 9528. All calls are treated in confidence.

Visit Eastbourne Homes' Harassment and Hate Crime pages on their website for further information and policies.

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