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Corporate Performance

Managing our performance is key to ensuring that we provide the best quality service we can whilst maintaining value for money.

It helps us find practical ways of developing the capacity to drive improvements for the future. It is about setting and monitoring the achievements of objectives and getting the right focus, leadership and culture in place.

Key performance information is reviewed by the senior management team and by members of the Scrutiny Committee on a monthly basis and is reported to Cabinet quarterly.

This helps us measure our success and effectiveness in meeting our corporate priority targets set out in the Corporate Plan.

Improving our Performance

The Audit Commission’s organisational assessment of the Council on its 2008/09 performance indicated that, whilst delivery of many of our front line services was good, there was a need for significant improvement in the effectiveness of our strategic planning, performance management, and community engagement.

Following the assessment, the authority undertook a review and overhaul of its performance management systems and with support from iESE (Improvement and Efficiency South East) managed to achieve a positive peer review from GOSE (Government Office South East) which endorsed the improvements made and the sustainability of the plans in place.

These improvements were further recognised and celebrated when Eastbourne Borough Council went on to win the 2011 iESE “Council of the Year” award.

In 2012, we took part in a Peer Challenge Review conducted by the Local Government Association (LGA).

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