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Petitions and e-Petitions

We welcome petitions as one way that you can let us know your concerns.  We have adopted a Petitions Scheme which sets out how we will deal these.

You can petition us on matters which affect the local community and which we can be expected to have some control or influence over. 

We have set a requirement for at least 10 signatures before we treat it as a petition. 

Who Can Petition Us?

Whilst we like to hear from people who live, work or study in Eastbourne, this is not a requirement. We would take seriously a petition, for example, from visitors to the town on the subject of visitor attractions.

How Can I Submit a Petition?

Your petition can be on paper (with signatures collected ‘by hand’) or an e-petition, or a combination of both. 

Our e-petitions website is shared with other councils across East Sussex. Even if you only want to start a paper petition, we suggest you create it using the template which you can find in the e-petitions website.

Petitions Scheme

Download our Petitions Scheme below for:

  • more information about the different types of petition

  • how we will deal with your petition

  • how we will keep you informed

  • subjects which, for legal or other reasons, we cannot accept as petitions.   

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