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Future of Tennis in Eastbourne Consultation

We launched an online consultation so people could have their say over the future of tennis in Eastbourne. Residents were encouraged to give their views by completing our online survey which also outlined a proposal for a Community Tennis Scheme.

This consultation closed on Sunday 5 October 2014.

All responses will be treated as anonymous.

The Community Tennis Scheme 

As well as seeking people’s views, the survey outlined a proposal for a Community Tennis Scheme.

The tennis courts at Hampden Park and Old Town Rec need an investment of £200,000 to bring them up to an acceptable playing standard. They are in poor condition and under used and currently only 7.7% of Eastbourne’s population play tennis. 

To finance the refurbishment of the tennis courts, the council is seeking external funding of £130,000 to supplement funds set aside from its capital programme.

The council has been working closely with the Lawn Tennis Association to produce a tennis development plan which will improve access to the sport, increase participation levels and secure finance to ensure our park tennis courts are well-maintained going forward.

This plan has been used as a basis for the funding bids to the Lawn Tennis Association and Sport England which aim to unlock investment to refurbish the courts and deliver improved tennis facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Download the FAQs for tennis development in Eastbourne:

  • Eastbourne Tennis Development FAQs [pdf / 214KB] Download the frequently asked questions about tennis development in Eastbourne, involving the Community Tennis Scheme and funding options to refurbish public tennis courts and Hampden Park and Old Town Rec.

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