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Have your say on Eastbourne’s Cumulative Impact Area

This consultation has now closed. We will publish a consultation report on this page soon.

Eastbourne’s Cumulative Impact Area was put in place in July 2007 to help prevent crime and disorder, increase public safety, prevent public nuisance and protect children from harm in the centre of town.

Our licensing policy and the Cumulative Impact Area element of it, seeks to balance the needs of businesses operating in town and the rights of residents living near them.

We reviewed this policy and asked residents, businesses and local organisations about whether they think the area covered by this policy should:

  • Be reduced (by removing streets in the Little Chelsea area)

  • Be kept the same size

  • Be removed completely

The full policy can be downloaded here:

What will happen following the consultation?

The responses will be summarised and included in a report to the council’s Licensing Committee to help them make their decision about any changes to the Cumulative Impact Area.

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